Wet weekend

Well, that was a wet weekend. Both inside and outside the house. Inside the house it was wet? Yes, it was wet indeed. Saturday night, at 4 am (!), I heard a PANG!. Which meant: shortcut. No electricity in the house whatsoever. And not because of the thunder, the lightning and the rain, but because of some dripping water from our bathtub. K had a bath earlier that evening and didn’t close the tab all the way. (breath in, breath out, count to ten …) When I woke up after the PANG! he carefully told me that the water was dripping onto my magazines, on the table. My magazines! My precious magazines! I didn’t care about the floor, no electricity or an indoor swimming pool, I had to rescue my beloved Country Homes & Interiors and Country Livings. Other magazine addicts will recognize my nearly panic attack. But, luckily the damage wasn’t too bad and at 4 am and a bit we were happily mopping the floor.

The next night I woke up at 4:30 am due to an extreme thunderstorm. Seriously, weekends are exhausting.

Today I went to a second-hand shop because I wanted some cheap, very cheap fabric. I couldn’t find any, but I did find something else. Nice pots for some nice flowers. I bought the yellow ones for some daffodils next Spring.
Potten Bloemenpotten

And then I saw it: The Basket. I know, I have enough baskets as it is, but I wanted this one. Because I needed it. I HAD to have it. Really.
BasketThe whole lot, pots, the tray with flowers and the basket, costed me 10 euro and five cents. And oooww, that basket (4,50). I absolutely adore it. I want to do some skipping now and I feel o so little red riding hood. Not that I can skip right now, I have some serious blisters on my heels from my little second-hand shopping-trip.
BlisterBut then ….. my new Crocs arrived! I never had real Crocs, probably because they are not that charming, but O MY, are they comfortable. I immediately felt the difference between my new Crocs and my current supermarket clogs. So I am walking on my new Crocs, feeling very happy and pleased.

PS: Of course I did some crochet.
Blue and white

And I picked some yummy fruit.



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