Little treasures

CherriesYesterday, after my visit to the dentist, I deserved a treat. And as I live in the fruit area of The Netherlands it wasn’t difficult to find some comfort food. I pulled over and stopped at the many orchards we have in this area. Cherries! So sweet and red and yummy. The woman of the cherry orchard insisted me on trying a big cherry and a smaller one. She also sold gorgeous strawberries but unfortunately she didn’t ask me to try them … I bought a big bag of cherries as I believe in supporting local companies. Why buy fruit from abroad when we have plenty of supply over here?
New mugsOn my way home I also had to stop at the charity/second-hand shop. Last week I saw this lovely mug, but I didn’t buy it. I regretted it for days. But now I wanted it. And lucky me, it was still there! Plus another, smaller  little cup, perfect for my morning Senseo. How much did they cost, you ask? Only 25 euro cent per piece and aren’t they lovely? After a bit of snooping around I found some pieces of fabric. Don’t know what I’ll going to make with it, but I just couldn’t leave it there for only 50 euro cents per piece.
Fabric A2


Bye for now, have a nice weekend,

PS: Soon we’ll have our fruit. Look how big they are!


                                                               Raspberry blossom.


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2 Responses to Little treasures

  1. Manon says:

    Mooie frambozen. Het is een goed bessenjaar.

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