Money diet

In January I decided this year was going to be a year without buying clothes nor books. And guess what, it is not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Well, sometimes it is when I get these brochures from Bon A’ Parte. Love their stuff. Or when K brings me a Country Living or Country Homes and Interiors from the UK and I see all these great outdoor clothes.
CLDead expensive, of course. I am aware that my decision is not helping the economy, sorry about that, but I must admit I sinned twice. Once in Worcester UK, where I bought a packet of underwear (that doesn’t really count as clothes, does it?) at Marks & Spencer (ooohhh, I dó love M&S) and I have bought a book at the second hand shop. Which I already had (oops), so I’ll sell one of these copies. Buying stuff from second shops is not included in this diet, btw. You have to draw a line somewhere.

You might have noticed that I didn’t mention yarn in this money diet. That is because I am, since I started with crochet, a yarnoholic. Hello Corine. I have always liked yarn, I just hated to knit (bad knitting-childhood-trauma, that is, I might tell you the story one day as I am still suffering).

In November 2013 I started to learn crochet which involved yarn. Duhhuh …. And I bought yarn, everywhere I could find it. A ball of yarn here, a few balls of yarn there. I even bought colours I didn’t like, because what if I would run out of yarn, or suddenly and utterly needed this particular colour? I don’t do that anymore, buying yarn everywhere, for the main reason I don’t have enough room to put it. And as I get more experienced with my crochet skills I now know what kind of yarn and colours I like and which yarn to avoid. So when I see some really, really, really yummy colours (and this is an advice!) I purchase at least five balls of that yarn. Even if I don’t know yet what to make with it. But a nice crochet project is never far away, isn’t?
HEMA yarnBye for now,


PS: I finished my basket liner, I am very pleased with it. It only took me three days to finish it. I choose the colours at random and I used that very bright aqua-turquoise I don’t specifically like, but in the end it turned out well. The basket itself is 20 cm high and 50 cm wide. The pattern can be found on Lucy’s blog.



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2 Responses to Money diet

  1. At the beginning I did wonder about the underwear. I mean if it wears out – you do need it! I never guessed English wasn’t your first language. I have a whole drawer of coloured acrylic but only one of each – no room for five!

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