My weekend

Hello people, how was your weekend? So how was mine? Not so bad, it involved sunshine, baking, cat cuddles, gardening, struggling with my blog lay-out (I still can’t get it the way I want it to be, aaarrghh and my photo disappeared) and of course lots of crochet time. The baking did not go quite so well, I must admit.
100 muffins
First, have a look at this lovely book I have, 100 recipes for some stunning muffins.
healthy muffin  bruids muffin  donut muffin
healthy muffins, beautiful muffins, yummy muffins …

 Naturally I wanted to bake the yummy ones. I also have K to think of, obviously. So I made the jam filled muffins and of course I used our own home made jam. We still have heaps of jars of jam left, which I made last year, and new fruit is on its way. So we must eat jam! About the muffins …. they kind of exploded, well, that is how they looked.
Mijn muffinsAnd then suddenly I figured out what had went wrong. Instead of self-rising flour I had used plain flour. Stupid, stupid … nevertheless, we ate them, and although a bit hard, they tasted fine. Not yummy, but fine.

As I mentioned, I had lots of crochet time this weekend. I started my new-own-design-granny-square-project (tell and show you more when it is finished) and I also worked on my ripple blanket. I am now in that stage that I cannot see the progress in it. It’s slowly growing. Every day I crochet at least four rows, that is two colours, and I really enjoy doing it. But still, I want this blanket at least to be one meter eighty long. It is now forty-five centimetres, so I still have a long way to go.
Ripple 45 cm

On Lucy’s blog I found a nice idea for my huge basket, that has some sharp edges from the reed. A week or so ago I started to crochet a bag with cotton, but it’s going to be lining for my basket. It has now a tea towel on the bottom, but a liner is nicer, don’t you agree? And I am using my not-so-favourite-colours for it (except for the soft pink and denim I really do love). But maybe I start all over and I’ll make one with lots of pink, light blue, white and lilac.Basket liner

PS: Sunday was kind of an anniversary: exactly seven years ago we moved in at no. 24. Seven years!! In my life I have moved twenty five times (seriously? yes, seriously), so living in the same house for this long is rather compelling, I may say… to be honest, I’d love to move …. to England.

And I started all over with a new basket liner. Couldn’t help myself …


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