Rainy days

It has been raining for two days now. I like rain, but it’s Summer and I want to sit outside. In the sun.

K left at 4pm for a social workevent, so I sneeked upstairs with my crochet stuff, changed into my pj’s and creeped on the bed. But I also took some photo’s from our garden. See how wet it is?

But also so green, so pretty!


Yes, I know the window needs a clean up.  Window

Whilst in bed I collect lots of stuff around me. Books, yarn, cats. I don’t need a whole house, really, a large comfy bedroom will do.  In bed I made this pretty trim for a soupcan I painted in lightblue a little while ago.


You can find the pattern for this trim HERE. I think I’ll fill this tin with some nice flowers. But I am Not stepping into the garden right now … No, it’s time for some ripples!

Ripples and pj's.


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