Bicycle basket

A few weeks ago I bought a lovely basket at the second-hand shop. I love to snoop around in these kind of shops, you never know what you might find for just a few euros. Check out these mugs, for example, only 25 eurocent per piece! Mugs.

And this lovely fabric and this little quilted blanket!

Fabrics   Quilt

But this time I was on the hunt for a basket for my yarn and I found one. It’s actually a basket for a ladies bike. Very handy indeed, in case I want to go for a ride on my bike and need to have a crochet stop on the way. So, I bought this one for only €3,50 (yay!) and took it home to store some my yarn in it. I used it for my CAL-blanket and now it’s in use for a hexagon project. And Daan likes to take his naps in it. Can’t blame him. DaanOn the bottom of the basket I placed a napkin (this sounds a bit like ‘put the lotion in the basket’ …), because there are some sharp edges from the reed (or is that called wicker?).

But that doesn’t really works. It’s time for some fabric lining. Although I do have a sewing machine, I seldom sew. I can make a handkerchief and that’s about it. No, that is not true, last Summer I made a lot of my skirts shorter with my little machine. Suddenly I had so much ‘new’ stuff I could wear! To be honest, I’m a bit afraid of my machine. Which is very stupid when you think of it. But I always get in some sort of a state when the machine does things I don’t want it to do. Scary stuff, that is. Anyway, I am trying to make a lining. Years ago, when living in Utrecht and only a two minute walk away from the Saturday fabric market, I bought this lovely piece of roses fabric.

RozenstofI decorated some shoeboxes (tell you about that in another blog) with it, but I still have plenty of this wonderful, adorable fabric left for my yarn-basket.  I also had a leftover with pink flowers, that I wanted to use for the bottom. And so I started to sew … And this is how it turned out. I really don’t want to copy Lucy, but I definitely had my own,  Ow Yes, TA-DAAAHHH-moment!

Basket finished

Bag inside

Basket filled.

PS: I never went to sewing-class.

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