Weekend at no. 24

We have a big garden, with roses, lots of other flowers, two walnut trees, a little pear tree and other fruit trees. And every year I try to grow vegetables in the garden. Not always very successfully, but last year we ate our own cucumbers and green beans. How cool is that? I wanted one part of the garden reserved for vegetables, so we had to remove some plants. Not an easy job as many of these plants and bushes were planted many years ago by the previous owners of our house.

K in the garden2     K in the garden

Spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, courgette (zucchini) …

The terrace also need to be cleaned.
Cleaning terrace   Terrace

K used a machine that made an awful lot of noise, so I escaped into the garden with my new project: another ripple blanket. My first ripple blanket was a pattern with little holes in it. This time I wanted a blanket without holes. Both patterns are from the book “100 colourful granny squares to crochet” by Leonie Morgan.

Way before I started my green ripple I knew I wanted to make a blanket in ocean and beach colours. The plan was to crochet a granny stripes blanket in those colours. But I had so much fun making the ripples I changed my plan and started another ripple blanket. On Lucy’s blog I saw a similar one, we just had the same idea, I guess. She uses some very bright blue colours and I thought that maybe that would be nice for my blanket as well. Well, I was wrong. That bright aqua is just not my thing.

Wrong combination.

Wrong combination.

I removed it and started all over, but I kept the first colour I used. See the difference? So much better. I really do love to make ripples! This is definitely not my last ripple project … 🙂

Nieuwe kleuren ocean ripple Ocean ripple colours

I also finished a cushion cover this weekend. This cushion started out as a blanket in granny stripes, but I didn’t have enough yarn ( I bought this yarn in Worcester, UK, in February. Must go back to buy some more). Then I wanted to make a shawl of it. But I have enough shawls at the moment. So now it is …. a cushion cover, with a few wooden buttons.

After finishing the cushion I baked cookies with hazelnuts. So, yeah, I have been productive this weekend. Need a rest now.

PS: Aren’t these daisy’s lovely? I rescued them from K’s lawnmower. And how about our first cherry?
Daisy's     Kers

Plums And plums!

And look how my French plant is growing. Two years ago I took a tiny sprout of this succulent plant, that grew on a castle wall (!), put it in a glass with a bit of water and now look! Vetplanten

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