Mini tutorial

How about a mini-tutorial?

When I just started with crocheting I made a lot of mistakes. I don’t call them stupid mistakes, because I was learning, right? But now, when I think of it, I call them stupid mistakes. Which is stupid, really. I learned by doing. Over and over again.

What gave me a lot of troubles in the beginning was changing a new colour and to get the ends stuck in my WiP’s (Work in Progress, that is). I don’t know why, because I know now it’s dead simple. So here’s how I do it. I am sure 99% of you crochet people know this already, but this mini-tutorial is for that 1% that is still struggling (and I used to be that 1%).

Here I am making trebles (USA: dc/NL: st) for my granny stripes project. When I want to crochet the last treble of my row I am not finishing this treble. I have now three loops on my hook.
Three loops.
Three loops.
Tutorial 2

Grab your new colour. Now pull BOTH pieces of your new colour through your loops, so the thread you are working with AND the short end (see pic below) of the new colour. It gets really firm this way. And that is what I want!
Tutorial 3

Tutorial 4

Tutorial 5

Now chain 2.

Tutorial 6

Turn your work and continue (in my case) the granny stripes.

I hope it all make sense.

And do remember: I’m not British, so if you read some very silly grammar and/or spelling mistakes please let me know, or totally ignore them ….

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