Lucy’s Jolly Chunky Bag

I do love, love, love Lucy’s blog, I am a huge fan. She makes beautiful crochet stuff and takes great pictures. Lucy is my inspiration. And lately, when I wasn’t in such good health, here blog inspired me to start doing things and make things. Yes, a blog can do that. So, a big thank you to Lucy.

When I saw her finished jolly chunky bag, I immediately want to make one too, because I was in need of a new bag. I wanted my bag in the same colours as Lucy’s bag. But of course I didn’t have those same colours. So I struggled and got frustrated. And I combined the colours I have and got more frustrated. But then suddenly they matched the way I wanted, and I thought: “I don’t need to copy her bag, mine is also ok.” Duhhuh …

In two days I made the bag (can you tell I have no job?) and started with one of the handles. My bag has a bottom of fifteen rows and the whole bag has forty rows plus one row of edging. I am not going to write down Lucy’s pattern (because it’s Lucy’s!), you can find it here.

Bottomof the bag.

Bottom of the bag.

For the bottom of the bag I sewed a circle of material just for some extra sturdiness.

To make a perfect circle I used a plate and a permanent marker. Do Not Use your expensive china for this as the marker can leave stains on your plate. Consider yourself warned …

Material for the bottom.

Material for the bottom.


Now it’s time for the iron and iron board. You see what I am doing?

Bottom in bag.

Bottom in bag.

For the handles I chained 150 and the first row was in the same colour as the chain (dark red). In total I made 5 rows in dc (USA: sc/NL: vasten).


I really do  like the edging.

I really do like the edging.

Of course the bag needed a nice edging. This is how I did that: Join in a new colour and pull a loop through a stitch to begin.

*Work 5 tr (USA: dc/NL: st) in any stitch.

Skip one stich, then work 1 slip stitch (USA: sl st/NL: hv).

Skip one stitch and work 5 tr. Skip one stitch, etc.

Repeat until your last sl st which should be made in the very first stitch where you started the round. Fasten off et voila, edging finished.

On the flowers I added wooden floral buttons.

Isn't this button adorable?

Isn’t this button adorable?

So, there it is. My Lucy-Jolly-Chuncky-bag. And I am very happy with it.

My big bag is finished!

My big bag is finished!


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3 Responses to Lucy’s Jolly Chunky Bag

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Corine! I enjoyed reading the making of your Jolly Chunky bag and the colors are fantastic! I am new to crochet, in fact this is my first project. I have a question about the material on the bottom (excellent idea). How did you sew it in? I could use a tutorial as I don’t sew. Thank you very much for posting and any assistance you can give me!

  2. corine24 says:

    Hello Karen, thank you for your kind words.
    I turned the bag inside out and then sewed it in by hand, on the bottom. Click on the photo ‘bottom in bag’, make it bigger till 200% and you can see the stitches. 🙂 I hope this is helpful? Good luck!

    Regards, Corine.

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